Tyrant Extreme™ Fixed Height Basketball Goal




When it comes to the playground, no other basketball system can stand up to the Tyrant Extreme Fixed Height Basketball Goal!

First Team’s Tyrant Extreme basketball system is our largest, most rigid basketball system yet!  With it’s incredible 6 5/8″ diameter galvanized post and outstanding 72″ overhang, the Tyrant stands alone as the country’s leading playground basketball system.

First Team has incorporated its easy to install nosecone into the Tyrant pole structure design.  This makes installing the 36″ x 60″ Steel backboard much easier, minimizing backboard lifting when installing the backboard.  The Tyrant in indestructible and First Team backs it with our lifetime unconditional warranty!

For added safety, pole padding and backboard padding are available for any Tyrant basketball package.  So why let your basketball court be run down by other systems that can’t hold up?  Let First Team show you the true meaning of reliability and toughness with the Tyrant Extreme Fixed Height Basketball Goal!

Also available are:

Tyrant Playground – 42″ x 60″ Steel Backboard

Tyrant Excel – 42″ x 72″ Steel Backboard

Tyrant Max – 36″ x 54″ Aluminum Backboard

Tyrant Flight – 39″ x 54″ Fiberglass Backboard

Tyrant Dynasty – 42″ x 72″ Fiberglass Backboard

Tyrant III – 36″ x 54″ Acrylic Backboard

Tyrant Select – 36″ x 60″ Acrylic Backboard

Tyrant Supreme – 42″ x 72″ Acrylic Backboard

Tyrant Impervia – 42″ x 60″ Aluminum Backboard

Tyrant Intensity – 42″ x 72″ Perforated Aluminum Backboard

Tyrant Endura – 36″ x 60″ Aluminum Backboard

Please call our office for details and pricing at 650-563-9600.