WallMonster Supreme™ Wall Mount Basketball Goal




First Team’s WallMonster Supreme adjustable basketball goal is a convenient, cost effective choice when an adjustable wall mounted basketball unit is needed. The WallMonster Supreme is great for all ages. The built in adjustment mechanism can be operated from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments can be made without the use of a ladder.

The WallMonster Supreme is extremely versatile. It can be installed with either a 36″ offset or a 48″ offset making it a perfect choice for a wide variety of indoor or outdoor basketball courts. The all steel construction is powder coated black for weather protection and a sleek look. An easy to read rim height indicator the shows the height of the rim as the unit is adjusted is included. For 48″ offset installations, the rim height is adjustable from 10′ down to 7 1/2′ while 36″ offset installation .

The WallMonster Supreme acrylic backboard is 42″ x 72″. For added protection, backboard safety padding is available for all WallMonster package options. Each WallMonster system is covered by First Team’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Also available are:

WallMonster Arena – 42″ x 72″ Tempered Glass Backboard

WallMonster Playground – 42″ x 60″ Steel Backboard

WallMonster Excel – 42″ x 72″ Steel Backboard

Wall Monster Intensity – 42″x x 72″ Perforated Aluminum Backboard

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