The Playmate Ball Mower 2.0




Effortlessly pickup an entire court-full of tennis balls in seconds with the Playmate Ball Mower 2.0. Easily fold the arms in to get through gates and in between net posts. Ideal for teaching pros and rental ball machine courts. Use your sturdy Ball Mower basket for a teaching/learning aid.

What comes with the Playmate Ball Mower? The Basket, handle, and handle mounting hardware. Installing the handle is the only assembly required


  • Convenient Folding Arms for Compact Storage
  • 20 enhancements include new stronger drum wheels
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • 1 Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • 52 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 48″L x 22″W x 17″H
  • Storage Dimensions: 53″L x 23″W x 42″H

New for 2022- PLAYMATE BALLMOWER 2.0 model

METALTEK, the innovative makers of Playmate Tennis Ball Machines has entirely redesigned the Ballmower 1.0. The new version is called the “2.0 model”. Here is a list of the changes:


There have been improvements to the two large back wheels. The left and right wheels are both independently engaged with the drum of the mower. This means that both wheels feature a clutch which can either drive the drum or allow it to spin freely, resulting in the ability to pickup more balls without jamming inside the mower. When you roll the 2.0 backwards the drum does not spin backwards. Balls do not get hung up in the top of the chassis.


Less is more! Two upgraded casters up front, one on each side, allow for more mobility. The upgraded casters are protected by an newly designed caster bracket.   The 2.0 caster bracket features a tab that keeps balls from escaping the arms during sharp turns. Members of clubs and staff have commented that the little tab on the end of the arms is a great innovation because of the way it hooks the balls off of the fence.  We expect to see better performance, maneuverability, and longer life from these sealed bearing, medical-grade casters.


The handle is positioned further back. This makes pushing the ball mower easier and more comfortable. It is stronger, because the tubing of the handle is thicker aluminum. The J-bolts that can support the basket in the upper position have been upgraded from 1/4″ to a more robust 3/8″.  It attaches more securely in an enclosed pocket with four provided 1/4″ stainless steel bolts, rather than side-mounted to the drum with plastic knobs. Attaching the new handle is the only assembly required. Requires two 7/16″ wrenches or nut driver and takes 5-10 minutes. Replacing the grip is easier because the fastener on the J hook is more accessible.