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How to Remove a Large Ball-Mower Wheel

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Tools Required:

  • File
  • Shaft Collar Puller
  • 7/16 inch Wrench (or Socket)
  • Vise Grips
  • 1/8 inch Allen Key
  • crowbars (x2)
  • WD-40 Lubricant Spray


Shaft Collar Pullers are sometimes required to remove a stubborn shaft collar. The “pinchers” hook beneath the shaft collar. The black threaded cylinder is then turned with vise grips to press down on the axel while the pinchers pull the collar upwards to forcefully slide the shaft collar off. (see sixth photo) Commonly available at auto repair stores. (Kragen, Pep Boys, Auto-Zone, Napa Auto Parts)

Shaft Collar Puller
Vise Grips Come in handy for turning the Shaft Collar Puller. We recommend you use a large pair. They are available at any hardware store. An adjustable pair of plumber’s pliers will also do the trick.



The Ball Mower has two large wheels. There is a “drive” wheel and a “free” wheel. They are different because the drive wheel is attached to the internal drum with a bolt. When the mower is pushed the drive wheel turns the drum inside. The drum picks up the balls. The free wheel does not have a bolt.
After you have Identified the free wheel from the drive wheel remove the outer shaft collar with an 1/8 inch Allen key. The free wheel is ready to remove. If you are removing a drive wheel, be sure to loosen the bolt PHS220 (see red arrow) first. Then you may need one or two crowbars to slide the wheel from the axel.
A shaft collar puller maybe needed to remove the inside collar. When this is off, a file may be needed to smooth out any rough areas on the axle so the new drive wheel with shaft collar inside will slip on easily. Slide the new wheel on the axle. If installing a drive wheel, do not remove the new bolt.
Check the inside allen bolt as shown with a 3/16 Allen T wrench. If the inside allen bolt is loose, then the drum may slip.