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BPF Oscillation Crank

If the oscillation crank handle comes off, and the crank goes inside (retracts), you need to push it back out to reattach the crank handle. Figure 1 shows what it looks like when the crank has been pushed inside. As you can see it is flush with the side of the ball machine.

Figure1 (click to enlarge)



In Figure2 we see the end of the oscillation crank. (RED ARROW) It is a threaded metal rod. In order to push it out, remove the feed tray by unscrewing two phillips screws at the center of feed tray.


Figure2 (click to enlarge)



Figure 3 below shows you the same view in Figure 2, but with the feed tray removed. Push the  oscillation crank rod in the direction of the black arrow, towards the outside of the ball machine.


Figure3 (click to enlarge)



Once the crank is pushed out, the end will be visible on the side of the ball machine. It will appear as a round “nub” with a flat side. See Figure 4. The black crank handle can now be put back on.


Figure4 (click to enlarge)

Figure 5 (below) is Black oscilation/elevation crank handle. It is attached with an allen key (1/8 inch)

Figure5 (click to purchase)