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Tennis Ball Machine Repairs


DH Distribution is an Authorized Playmate Ball Machine Sales and Service Center for Northern California and Hawaii. We are factory trained Technicians who are knowledgeable in the repairs of Playmate Tennis Ball Machines and Mowers.

Playmate is known for delivering the most rugged and reliable machines in the world. They are the longest lasting because they are built in America with an excellent design by highly skilled engineers who have made ball machines since 1973. New ball machines purchased from DH Distribution include our One-Year service warranty as well as a three year factory parts warranty.

We offer service beyond the warranty that includes “house-calls”. Playmate Ball Machines located in Northern California or Hawaii that require repair are eligible to have one of our Tech-Reps make a “house-call” to remedy the problem.

Frequent Ball Machine Repairs

  • The most common long-term service issue with Playmate ball machines is the pitching wheels. They are soft polyurethane. Due to longevity and frequency of use, sometimes pitching wheels may need to be replaced.
  • The transport wheels occasionally wear out after being rolled out to the courts thousands of times to practice.
  • Feed wires are often bent after heavy usage

The motors seldom wear out, and it is highly unlikely to need replacement for these items.

In the event you need repairs, and your Playmate is located in Northern California or Hawaii, service calls are $175. The Hourly Rate is $120/hr. Please see our supplemental parts list for prices of replacement parts for Playmate machines.


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