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Tennis Court Squeegees – Comparing 3 Products

There are several options for removing water from the surface of a tennis court.  One of the most frequently used tennis court drying tools is the squeegee roller. This T-shaped dryer is comprised of the handle, the roller frame and the roller. The handle and frame are made from hollow aluminum tubing. The roller portion is made from a sponge material, either Blue PVA foam or black nitrile rubber. The replacement roller can be purchased in either blue or black type. It may not be necessary to replace the complete unit every year if the handle and frame is in good condition.

The blue PVA rollers act like a sponge, to absorb water from the surface of the court. They must be wet to work. If they are not fully saturated before use, the blue PVA rollers will not have the ability to absorb water from the court. Because the blue PVA rollers expand when wet and contract when dry, they wear out faster than the black nitrile rubber rollers. If left in the sun all summer, they dry unevenly. The side of the roller exposed to sunlight shrinks faster than the side in the shade. Then, when you try to use them the next rainy season, they may roll unevenly leaving wet spots on the court because they are out of shape. The key is keeping them from getting baked in the sun and getting them really wet before use. Water removal rollers are like windscreens and netting. They have a lifespan, as they are all replaceable pieces of equipment. If you store rollers in The Roller HideAway, it can extend the life for another year or two.

Matt Morillo, the director at Spanish Bay has a feed trough ¾ full of water with a tablespoon of bleach to prevent algae growth. The night before it is supposed to rain, he will leave all the rollers in the trough. In the morning when he opens the club, he pulls them out and hangs them on the fence. This way, they are pre-saturated, ready to use when the members arrive.


Here is what a feed trough looks like. You can find them by doing an internet search for “Galvanized Feed Trough”. It must be at least 36” wide to fit the roller.

The Black Miracle Dri Rollers work more like a blade style squeegee, pushing the water instead of absorbing it. There is no need to wet them first, because they can be used when they are dry. They do not absorb the water as well as the Blue PVA foam rollers. They are not as susceptible to shrinking and cracking as the Blue Miracle Dri Rollers.


Blue PVA (left) must be wet to work, absorbs water from the court. Black rubber (right) can be used dry, pushes water off the court.

A traditional squeegee with a replaceable rubber blade is the preferred way to quickly move standing water. Some tennis courts have “bird baths”, low spots which create puddles. The Shine Dry Court Squeegee is a blade style squeegee that comes in a box with one spare rubber blade. Assembly is required with a wrench and screwdriver and takes 30-40 minutes. There is an assembly diagram on the back of the box. Local customers may request assembly and delivery for an additional fee.

The Shine Dry Court comes with two blades, one is a replacement for later.

Sometimes our customers share photos and videos of products and techniques. Here is Jared Carstenn of the Kailua Racquet Club demonstrating the Shine Dry Court, which he calls “The Scraper”

Thanks Jared!

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